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Russian Order of the Red Star with Research      

WW2 Russian Order of the Red Star with research. Scanned copies of research. Numbered #2647563. Overall worn and used example with nice enamel.

The Order of the Red Star #2647563 was awarded to Jr. Sergeant Ivan Yudin, born in 1896 in the village of Korshevo in Voronezh Region. He was drafted into the Red Army in August 1941 and took part in combat starting from September 1943.  In 1944, he commanded a rifle squad in 1273rd Rifle Regiment, 387th Rifle Division, 4th Ukrainian Front. He was severely wounded by an artillery shell during the storming of Sevastopol on 23 April 1944. His wounds included concussion, damage to the spine, and loss of use of his right leg, resulting in Yudin’s becoming an invalid and being discharged from the military.  He nevertheless took a job at a collective farm upon returning to his native village. The award was bestowed belatedly on 6 November 1945 by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

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