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Soviet-Russian Medal Bar with Research      

Soviet WW2 four medal bar with numbered combat service medal with research. Combat Service Medal #1888001.  Scanned copies for research material.

Combat Service Medal  #1888001. Awarded on 22 March 1945 to Corporal Konstantin Vasilyevich  Rusakov, rifleman of Separate 76th Rifle Company of the Department of the Counterintelligence SMERSH of the 65ht Army. In the offensive operations starting from 23 June 1944 (Bagration offensive) he acted courageously in apprehending a number of important criminals who had committed crimes against the state. While executing a special assignment, he was attacked by criminals who inflicted on him 3 knife wounds, but he managed to beat them off despite being seriously injured. While operating in special group from 14 January 1945, he made a big contribution to unmasking and apprehending enemy agents and bandits on the liberated territories. Rusakov was recommended for an Order of the Patriotic War, 2nd cl., but the award was downgraded to Combat Service Medal by Commander of 65th Army Batov (who apparently got pissed off by a misspelled word in the commendation that he underlined in red.)

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