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U.S. 15th AAF Bullion Patch - WW2              

U.S. WW2 15th Army Air Force (AAF) bullion shoulder sleeve insignia.
Additional notes: The 15th Army Air Force was established in November of 1943 in Tunisia as part of the United States Army Air Forces in the WW2 Mediterranean Theater of Operations as a strategic air force and started combat operations the day after it was formed. The first commander was General Jimmy Doolittle.

The 15th AAF resulted from a reorganization of Gen. Doolittle's 12th AAF into the 15th with Doolittle in command, and the 9th AAF with Lewis Brereton in command. The new air force was activated with a strength of 90 B-24 Liberators and 210 B-17 Flying Fortresses.  In December, new groups, most of which were equipped with B-24s were added.

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Item # USP-870