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U.S. WW2 5th AAF Bullion Patch         

U.S. WW2 5th Army Air Force bullion shoulder sleeve insignia. Appears to be tunic removed. Worn and used condition.

Additional Background:  The 5th AAF command was officially established in May 1941 as the Philippine Department Air Force at Nichols Field, Luzon, Philippines. The 5th Air Force was a U.S. Army Air Forces combat air force in the Pacific Theater of WW2 engaging in combat operations primarily in the Southwest Pacific. During WW2, the 5th Air Force units first engaged the Japanese during the Philippines Campaign, then afterward withdrawing to Australia after the Japanese conquest of the islands. The 5th re-armed and engaged the Japanese in New Guinea, the Dutch East Indies and then as part of the liberating forces in the Philippines Campaign. In the postwar era, the 5th Air Force was the primary USAF occupation force in Japan. During the Korean War, the 5th Air Force was the primary command organization for USAF forces engaged in combat operations over Korea.

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Item # USP-810