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US Army Tropical Combat Pants - Vietnam Era 

U.S. Army Poplin Ripstop combat tropical trousers. ERDL camoflauge pattern colors still in good condition. Zipper is there, however, does not stay shut and does not work well (zipper needs to be repaired or replaces).One tag is size marked X-Small Regular. The other tag is contract dated 69 (Wind resistant Poplin Ripstop Men's Combat Tropical Trousers). Average worn and used condition. Vietnam era.

Additional Notes: The ERDL (Engineer Research & Development Laboratories) pattern is also sometimes referred to as the Leaf pattern. This camoflauge pattern was developed by the U.S. Army at it's ERD (Engineering Research & Development) Labs and was utilized during the Vietnam war typically during the period of 1967-1972.

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Item # UA-760