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U.S. WW2 Army Field Jacket - 7th/5th Army  

U.S. WW2 Army Field Jacket or "Ike" Jacket. Average worn and used condition. Uniform has corporal sleeve rank insignias as well as nicely double patched with 7th army and 5th army shoulder sleeve insignias. The uniform also has a set of 5 overseas stripes (or overseas service bars) on the lower sleeve.  Each stripe represents 6 months service in a combat zone. This one would represent 2 1/2 years service in a combat zone. There is also one additional Service Stripe below the overseas bars as well. Each Service stripe would represented 3 years honorable service, this one has one service stripe.  There is a 3 place ribbon bar with Good Conduct, American, and EMEA campaign ribbons. EM collar insignia with one side being U.S. and the other side with an Artillery device. Ruptured duck honorable discharge insignia. Size marked 34R and contract dated 1944.
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Item # UA-621