UA-416.  U.S. Navy grouping from DD-836.   The Destroyer DD-836 was the USS George K. MacKenzie (Gearing class).   Launched in May 1943 and commissioned in July of 1945, the ship's main tour was in Korea where she performed vital screening and support duties until April 1952.   During this time DD-836 provided antisubmarine screening and fired several important bombardment missings at Wonsoan Harbor.  She also lent effective fire support to troops in the vicinity of Suwon Dan and assisted in demolishing sections of the enemy's railroad along the eastern coast of Korea.  The USS George K MacKenzie was awarded six battle stars for Korean service.  This grouping includes 2 jumpers (one with extra dragon embroidery in cuffs) one donald duck cap, one white cap with name and ship, 2 sets of leggings, 5 other pieces of clothing that appear to have been rolled up and tied for a long time and left them that way (most likely basic work clothes).   A nice small U.S. navy grouping........$195.

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