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REPRODUCTION: Anti-Partisan's Badge  

Reproduction Anti-Partisan's Badge.  High quality reproduction that is one of the latest fakes to hit the market and probably the best made that you will run into in the field.  You will see this example typically on a lot of dealer tables and websites, it does fool a lot of people.  Some quick areas that help you identify this one is mostly on the back of the badge and from the side of the badge, the front is very well done.  On the reverse of the badge, the wide pin is a bit too long and improper hinge are starting points.  Next, there are strange die flaws near the top of the badge around the hinge area on the back that gives these versions away as well, and will help you identify this fake version.  Also, the side of the sword handle has a casting line on these that you will not find on original badges.  Note, this verison of fake also comes with a round pin version, however has the same errors on the side cast lines and flaws near hinge.  A very well done reproduction that is very hard to tell from the front, would work as a display piece without spending thousands of dollars or as a study piece.   

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