Info-101.  A.H. Bronze Bust by MAX BEZNER 1938.   Hello all, I would like to seek assistance for a fellow collector that would like to see if anyone out there has further information on the following AH bust.  Right now, the basic details known are:  A.H. Bust that was believe to be located inside or around the Berlin Reich Chancellery (Reichskanzlei).   The AH Bust is approx 30 inches tall and 14 inches across and weighs over 100 pounds.  It is reported to have been found buried around the former Berlin Reich Chancellery Garden area by building workers around 2005.   If anyone has any period pictures or details of the AH Bust being displayed in the Reich Chancellery they could pass along that would be great.   Thank you everyone for assisting with knowledge sharing and helping out fellow collectors.  Any information or period photos or pictures of the this very large AH bust in display I can pass along would be most appreciated.
         - Dave

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