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WW2 German Visor Cap Parts Projects      

WW2 German two parts visor caps.  One cap is green piped (appears to be a customs cap via the cockade design) and the other is black piped (army combat engineer) with a detached visor.  The WW2 German Customs cap (green piped) does not have a visor and it appears that someone sewed on a Kriegsmarine or Coastal Artillery tunic eagle, however, this is the way it came back from the vet from the war. These caps were stored in a box in a hot attic for many years which took some toll on these caps, however, this is the way the caps came back from the vet.  One cap being a size 58 and the other a size 56.  Both caps have complete sweat diamonds in the tops of the caps.  Two ww2 German caps that can be used for parts or restored to more displayable conditions.  Two decent character caps with the wool tops in fairly good condition with only some minor moth nips to the wool tops.  Also, has the one loose cap eagle eagle as well with the two caps. 

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Item # HG-1276cxb.