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WW2 German GAB - Massive Cupal 

WW2 German General Assault Badge. Light weight Cupal (a copper and aluminum-alloy composition layered high quality type material) badge. The badge is very light (weights only about 0.5 ounzes). Nice finish showing the light copper below where the finish is worn off in places. Has sheet metal type hinge and round wire catch soldered to round mounting base. This version of the bage is referred to as version 1.24.2 (Unknown maker #7) massive GAB, Cupal and is detailed in the excellent book by Frank Heukemes on the GAB.  Unknown maker #7 is also the only known manufacturer who produced a massive Cupal GAB (and also the only known maker of the massive Cupal IAB as well).  A very hard to find Cupal version of this badge.

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