GF-148.   WW2 German RLB Standarte with rings.  Worn and used condition with several small holes and tears.  Fringe is loose from flag and would need to be re-attached.   Double sided with nice central sunburst bullion work.  Size approx 43" X 46".   A hard to find standarte with the rings that are typically missing on these standartes.   Actually, this flag was previously sold on one of my prior listings to a avid collector who then framed the flag for a nice display in a very quality professional frame, with the fringe displayed on the edges with a I believe little glue tacks.  However, it is a bit heavy (about 20 to 25lbs with the frame).   When shipped back to me it was very well packed (Fedex does a great job of packing and shipping), however. due to the weight you can see where the frame corners are separting a bit (however, frame still very strong and sturdy together due to all the corner re-enforcing, mostly cosemetic if you look closely at the corners (still a great looking wall hangeable display).  Also, where the rings are on the flag slide in a little bit show a little bit of the backing wood, however, still displays very nice).   I can sell framed (which is the way I prefer) for $2,800 plus it will be about an additional $200 to ship to most parts in the U.S. if you need shipped and can not pick up (will use Fedex and have them wrap up securely).   Also, I am willing to unframe if you so desire as well and the price would be $2,600 for just the flag with detached fringe (however, shipping will be much less (about $12 anywhere in the domestic U.S.)   I will provide both options below.   Again, a very hard flag to find.  
Framed = $2,800.  ----  
Loose (unframed) = $2,600.  ---

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