GD-420cxk.  WW2 German Waffen SS Soldbuch.   SS-Panzergrenadier - Regiment 6 "Theodor Eicke" - 3./SS Panzer Division Totenkopf.   Nice example of a late war SS Soldbuch complete with photo to an SS Pz. Grenadier in Theodore Eicke.   The Soldbuch was opened in February 1945 and is complete with entries for his kit as well as pay entires and training units.  A nice example of a late war SS Soldbuch to a SS unit who was involved in late war battles west of Bedapest and Vienna.  The Division surrendered to the Americans on May 9th 1945, and handed over to the Soviets.  On the front cover, someone has over highlighted the SS runes as well as damage to back cover.....- Sold -
                       -- Sold - ---    

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