GD-354.  WW2 German grouping and training log/book to a sailor who served onboard the SCHARNHORST. The training book is done in the sailor's  handwriting and he was trained on AA guns, there are even some colored diagrams, in pencil about the range/angle and altitude, etc. There is even a photo of Adolf coming down the stairs after the launch of a ship.   Some rare photos of the sailor and his buddies wearing the SCHARNHORST Talley on several photos both in blue and white uniforms. Also a couple of photos of him wearing the edelweiss on his overseas cap.  The sailor more than likely took part in Operation Weserubung to be able to wear the edelweiss on his cap and probably also how he got the High Seas Fleet Badge. Interesting lot to a sailor who was onboard very early in the war............$385. - On Hold (GS) -
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