FLU-1100.  Print "Return From Schweinfurt" with Certificate of Authenticity.  Size approx. 25 1/2" X 36".  Print has minor damage with where it appears to have been improperly handled and potentially stepped on damage in lower center area (not too noticable and hard to see any issue) plus, it has start of crease areas at bottom area (again, very hard to see and would most likely not be noticable at all if you framed it).  Could still be framed and would look good (hard to tell from distance), however, does have minor damage.  Overall a very nice print that is heavily discounted due to being in worn condition with potential minor issues (typically, these sell at about $1,000+).   Should still frame and display very nicely.  A hard to find and sought after unframed print and certificate.......- Sold -
                  -- Sold - --  

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