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U.S. Civil War M1860 Cavalry Sword - Ames 1864 

U.S. Civil War Model 1860 Cavalry Sword. Blade is a little better condition that you typically see on this swords, however, does have the typical greying and spotting and is Ames Mfg Co. marked.  It is also dated 1864. The handle has good worn leather and wire with wear, however, again much better than you typically see on these swords.  The hilt and hand guard are brass with some age patena. The scabbard has nice wear and age with several dents and hits and this sword really has a good overall appearance. Blade fits very tighly in scabbard. Blade approx 35" in length. Overall a nice example of a 1864 dated sword.

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Item # CWS-128

$800. (GM)